What is a Mini-Split AC?

Mini-split AC is a ductless air conditioning system, known for its efficiency, simplicity and easy installation procedure, compared to other AC designs. It’s consisted of separate outdoor and indoor units, hence the name. If you choose mini-split AC, it’s easy to install indoor units throughout your home. Because they are relatively light and small in … Read more

How to Choose an Air Conditioner For 1000 sq. ft. House?

Summer heatwaves are becoming annual occurrences and you need a reliable air conditioning system for your home. Today, air conditioning isn’t only for comfort, but it may protect you against heat-related illnesses during very hot summer days. There are moments when fans just don’t cut it and you need the right air conditioner for your … Read more

Smart Lamps for Google Home

A bulb may consume relatively low power, but if you have dozens of them at home, your electricity bill will shoot up. This could happen if you choose the wrong bulbs or if you leave them turned on too long. Smart lamps are essentially LED bulbs with Wi-Fi connectivity. Compared to other bulb technologies, LED … Read more

Say Yes to Smart Home in 2022

Smart homes are not only for rich people or technology enthusiasts, these systems are becoming more affordable and easier to set up. One obvious advantage of a smart home system is its higher efficiency, especially now in 2022. With just a smartphone app, you will have complete control of all smart devices at home. You … Read more

Best UV Light For Killing Mold And Other Microorganisms

Find out how UV light actually kills mold and spores, and what spectrum helps to remove mold and viruses. This information will help you to remove microorganisms that compromise health. The ultraviolet energy is farthest from visible light, shorter than rays in sunlight, and is primarily noted for its ability to fluoresce minerals for chemical … Read more

What’s the Difference: LED vs CFL vs Incandescent Light Bulbs?

The development of light bulb technology dates back to the 1760s when Ebenezer Kinnersley heated a wire and it glowed, due to the incandescence effect. Joseph Swan first installed bulbs for residential uses in the early 1880s. With his bulbs, the Savoy Theatre was the first public building illuminated with incandescent lights in 1881, and … Read more

Preparing inground swimming pool for the incoming season

The beginning of the spring season is the ideal time to begin preparing your swimming pool for the forthcoming season. Pool owners can get a head start so that the water is clean and ready to swim whenever the weather warms up. People, who want a swimming pool frequently question, “How can I prepare my … Read more