INTEX pool

INTEX is a well-known brand that produces a wide range of affordable above-ground swimming pools. These pools are popular among homeowners who want to enjoy a refreshing swim during the hot summer months but do not want to commit to the high cost and maintenance of an in-ground pool.

INTEX pools are typically made from durable materials such as PVC and reinforced with strong polyester mesh. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, from small inflatable pools for kids to large metal frame pools that can accommodate several people.

above ground intex pool
Above-ground pool

One of the key benefits of INTEX pools is that they are easy to set up and take down, making them ideal for those who do not want a permanent pool in their backyard. They also come with a range of accessories, such as filter pumps, pool covers, and ladder sets, which can help to enhance the overall swimming experience.

Overall, INTEX pools offer an affordable and convenient way to enjoy swimming in the comfort of your own backyard.

All shapes for above-ground pools

INTEX produces above-ground swimming pools in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet the needs of different customers. Here are some of the common shapes of INTEX pools:

  • Round: INTEX offers round-shaped pools that range in size from 8 feet to 24 feet in diameter. These pools are ideal for families and can accommodate several people at once.
  • Rectangular: INTEX also produces rectangular-shaped pools, which are perfect for those who want to swim laps or engage in aquatic exercises. These pools typically range in size from 9 feet by 18 feet to 32 feet by 16 feet.
  • Oval: INTEX oval-shaped pools are a popular choice for those who want a larger swimming area but do not have the space for a rectangular pool. These pools range in size from 18 feet by 10 feet to 32 feet by 16 feet.
  • Square: INTEX offers square-shaped pools that are great for smaller yards or for those who want a pool primarily for relaxation. These pools typically range in size from 8 feet by 8 feet to 16 feet by 16 feet.

Overall, INTEX offers a wide variety of pool shapes to suit different preferences and needs.

INTEX pool pumps

INTEX pools usually come with a pool pump that is designed to help keep the pool water clean and clear. The pump circulates the water through a filter, which removes debris and contaminants from the water, improving its overall quality.

INTEX pool pumps come in different sizes, typically measured in gallons per hour (GPH). The pump size you need will depend on the size of your pool, so it’s essential to choose a pump that can handle the water volume in your pool.

INTEX pool pump with sand
Pool pump

Most INTEX pool pumps are easy to install and operate, and they come with a variety of features such as a timer, which allows you to set the pump to run for a specified period, and a safety feature that shuts off the pump automatically if the water level gets too low.

It’s essential to maintain your INTEX pool pump regularly to keep it running efficiently. This includes cleaning the filter regularly, checking the pump and motor for any signs of wear and tear, and replacing any damaged parts promptly.

Overall, an INTEX pool pump is a crucial component of your pool system that helps to keep the water clean and clear, ensuring a safe and enjoyable swimming experience.


INTEX pools are a popular and affordable option for homeowners who want a convenient way to enjoy swimming in their backyard. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are easy to set up and take down. INTEX pools also come with a pump that helps keep the water clean and clear. Overall, INTEX pools offer a great way to beat the summer heat and enjoy some fun in the sun.