All about: Jolie showerhead filter review

We’ve decided to test the Jolie showerhead with the filter to make our own shower review on this topic. How does it work and is it OK for us to expect to get clean water out of our shower?

Whenever you take a shower, expectations are clean hair and skin, leading to an overall better feeling after showering. We find this showerhead quite good actually, and that is the main reason that Jolie showerhead filter review follows.

After using it a few times, we’ve been convinced that there were barely any hard water stains that needed cleaning, and the water seems clean without any odors. Furthermore, we find it easy to install and that it’s way more aesthetically pleasing than our prior showerhead. How to install Jolie’s showerhead – you can read later on.

Jolie showerhead filter
Jolie showerhead filter

Life feels much better with clean water. This showerhead comes great for removing the nasty stuff from your shower water. Therefore, you can take a shower without contaminants in the water, making your hair and skin feel softer. Furthermore, there will be no more build-up on the showerhead. The Jolie showerhead looks nice and it gives your bathroom a new and modern look.

Jolie shower filter review

After trying the Jolie shower filter, we found that we love our showers even more. Not only does it remove unwanted contaminants, but it also keeps hair and skin feeling much softer. The unboxing was easy, and the next step was installing it. How the installation process takes, read in the next paragraph.

How to install Jolie’s showerhead?

We love the Jolie because it’s easy to install and it improves your skin, hair, and water. Furthermore, we find this filter good for nice and clean hair and skin. In conclusion, skin and hair feel so much better after showering with the Jolie showerhead. Hard water stains are less noticeable, and the water tastes clean. No leaks or issues had been encountered. We also appreciate how much better water tastes after using this system.

Removing the old showerhead was a reminder of why we got this – there was gross residue building upon the old head from chemicals in the water. You can’t ask for more than that, right?

Jolie shower head install
Jolie install

Easy shower head installation

The three-step installation allows you to have your new Jolie installed in minutes. Fits all US showerheads. Instructions are provided in a PDF with every purchase.

Designed filtration to be cutting-edge in the industry. Using a proprietary blend of KDF-55 and Calcium Sulfite filter:

  • Far exceeds NSF-177
  • Does not clog nor reduce pressure

Jolie showerhead review

We all agree that beauty comes with clean water. The Jolie filtered showerhead removes chlorine, heavy metals, and other contaminants from your shower water to improve your skin, hair, and well-being. Your hair and skin will feel so much better after showering with a Jolie showerhead.

These showerhead filters are high-quality and the unboxing experience is great. Easier than expected to install and it’s way more aesthetically pleasing than our prior showerhead. Removing the old showerhead is a reminder of why we got this – there was gross residue building upon the old head.

We think you’ll be more than just happy with the Jolie showerhead filter.

Six color options: Find the perfect finish to install in your bathroom or shower. Color options are Jet Black, Cloud White & Soft Rose, Brushed Steel, Modern Chrome, Vibrant Red, and Pebble Gray.

Final Thoughts

If you are an aesthetic person, then the Jolie showerheads are perfect for you. Any technology that can improve our personal health is great. These products really can help you get all the shower enjoyment. You’ll look good, modern, and satisfied. Moreover, your bathroom will get a fashionable touch and a more detailed design also.