Best Coffee Beans for Jura Coffee Machines

If you want to brew excellent cups of espresso at home, Jura coffee machines are a good investment. With a quality coffee maker, you will never need to endure a cup of bad espresso again. It’s hard to decide what coffee machine to choose, but Jura coffee machines are among the best in the market. You can get the best brew only from the finest coffee roasts. But when it comes to choosing coffee beans, each one of us has unique preferences.

Robusta beans usually have double the caffeine level compared to Arabica. If you need a real caffeine jolt in the morning, Robusta is your best bet. Arabica offers better aromas, making it suitable for a more casual coffee drinking experience. Your favorite brand may not suit others. That being said, you will need to choose high-quality coffee beans for your Jura coffee maker. Whether you prefer a crisp light roast or a dark roast with a rich body, it is important to stick with well-known brands. You may try single-origin coffee beans, which come from a specific island, country or region, with their own unique climate and soil conditions.

Best Coffee Beans for Jura coffee machines
Coffee beans

For a more flavourful note, you can choose blended coffee, which delivers a unique combination of taste, smoothness, and aroma. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to choosing the perfect beans for your Jura coffee machine. Here are some of the best coffee beans to try with Jura coffee machines:

Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Coffee Blend

Crema is a reddish-brown and aromatic froth that many people look for when sipping a cup of espresso. The Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Coffee Blend guarantees a nice layer of crema on top of your espresso shot. It is an excellent addition if you prefer an extra richness to your espresso, especially if you want to make a latte with this blend. Other than being extraordinarily creamy, you will notice notes of hazelnuts and deep brown sugar. The Lavazza coffee blend is a great pair for your Jura machine or any other espresso machine, ensuring subtle and smooth flavor to each of your shots.

Lavazza coffee blend is 60 percent Arabica and 40 percent Robusta beans, giving you’re a balanced mix of good aroma and deep flavor. This blend is safe for those with allergies because it is made in a nut-free processing facility. This coffee blend is designed for casual espresso makers at home and it works well with your Jura coffee machine. Other than the extra thick cream, you will enjoy its smooth finish. However, if the visual aspect is important for you, espresso made from the Lavazza blend can be a bit too bright for you. Some people also find that the Lavazza blend tastes quite grainy.

Verena Street Espresso Beans

Verena Street 5 Pound Espresso Beans is a good selection if you want a shot of traditional espresso each morning. Although the crema is lighter than the one produced by Lavazza beans, it is still a nice addition to the rich body. The Verena Street Espresso dark roasts deliver a buttery flavour, which works well with a splash of milk. The producer sources their coffee beans ethically from farms with Rainforest Alliance certifications to ensure minimum environmental impacts. As a kosher certified product, the Verena Street blend is a good choice if you have certain personal preferences.

Overall, the Verena Street blend produces a pretty basic espresso with thinner crème, but it still offers a great value. It has low acidity and an excellent creamy taste, which is suitable for a latte. Be aware that Verena Street beans are somewhat oily, which may clog your Jura coffee machine if not cleaned regularly. If you prefer a medium roast with a similar smooth body and bold roast flavour, you may choose Verena Street Julien’s Breakfast blend. The Verena Street Nine Mile Sunset Whole Bean is a mellow blend with a full body and rich flavor. For a dark roast with even bolder tones and a heavier body, you should choose Verena Street Sumatra Whole Bean.

Lifeboost Espresso Coffee Beans

Lifeboost Espresso Coffee Beans is a perfectly roasted and organic product with a well-balanced profile. It’s a single-origin product, made of 100 percent Arabica for excellent flavour and full body. As a versatile product, you can use Lifeboost Espresso, you can use it for different brewing methods. For the highest quality, coffee beans are hand-picked, washed with clear spring water, and sun-dried. You literally get the best-processed coffee beans in the market, with their body and rich flavour, as well as a tinge of sweetness and chocolate and caramel undertones. With the Jura coffee machine, your home will be filled up with a delicious and intense aroma, enhancing your drinking experience.

Because it’s grown with USDA organic certification, Lifeboost Espresso Beans are free of pesticides and mycotoxins. The low acidity and notes of chocolate make the Lifeboost Espresso Beans suitable for a latte. Alternatively, you may choose Lifeboost Espresso Beans Gran Crema or Super Crema if you prefer a shot of frothy espresso. Both are made of 60 percent South East Asian Robusta beans and 40 percent Arabica beans. Gran Crema has richer, deeper, and nutty tones, while Super Crema comes with delicate and more fruity tones. If you grind your own beans, you can make your espresso less bitter with a coarser grind.


Espresso coffee beans are typically dark roasts with fuller bodies and minimal acidity. Dark roasts also have more natural oils with a visible sheen on the bean surface. When the oil emulsifies with other compounds, it will help in producing the delicious crema. Quality dark roasts don’t have excess oil, which may clog up your Jura coffee machine. Dark roasts are more forgiven than lighter ones because they degrade slower as they age. So, it is easier to get consistent results when making espresso with dark roasts. As long you store your beans in a dry, cool, and dark area, it will last longer. With their deeper, nutty and chocolatey notes, dark roasts pair well with milk, if you prefer to make cappuccino or lattes.

It is hard to define which coffee beans are best for your Jura coffee machine because none stands significantly above the roast. However, the Lifeboost Espresso Coffee Beans is certainly the most pronounced of the bunch, in terms of body and flavour. The Verena Street Espresso Beans is another top contender with its warm, buttery flavor and balanced acidity levels. With its Rainforest Alliance certifications, you will contribute to protecting the environment.