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TOPENS is one of the best consumer brands in the gate automation industry. Not only that, TOPENS gives you excellent consumer support for its products. TOPENS gate opener products are sold globally and have become leaders in their branches.

In this post, we will make a short review of a few TOPENS products. Keep reading and find the best match for the gate you have. Make your property safe and secure, while keeping all the convenience for your family.

An automatic gate opener isn’t just a luxury item, it become a must-have feature for every modern home. Follow us, and make the best TOPENS swing gate opener choice for the property you own. Just like a garage door opener, a gate opener has its purpose as well.

Model A5 is the most known TOPENS product

Speaking about residential gate openers, TOPENS A5 is for sure the most known model. TOPENS A5 gate opener has all the basic features most people need.

It is a medium-duty and best-value gate opener. TOPENS A5 operates up to 16 feet gate or 550 pounds. Inside its arm, there is a 24V DC and 50W electric motor. What is important to note is that this gate opener is compatible with solar panels.

Swing gate opener - topens a5

TOPENS A5 is designed to provide the best value performance for the money. It is a medium-duty swing gate opener that installs on gates up to a maximum of 16 ft. long or a maximum weight of 550 lbs.

TOPENS A5 gate opener can be powered by a 24V 12Ah single battery, or with 2 pcs 12V batteries connected in series for 24V. Furthermore, with its original adapter, the gate opener operates using an electric network power source. In addition to all said before, the A5 gate opener is compatible with a 24V solar panel & solar controller. TOPENS has great customer support, which is why we’ll give TOPENS manual links at the end.

TOPENS A3 automatic gate opener

Another good product for automatically opening/closing swing gates. This is TOPENS A3 gate opener and a short review of it.

In terms of quality, TOPENS A3 has the same design and construction as the A5. However, it produces less power, which is why it is suitable for low-cost and light-duty operations.

Light weight swing gate opener TOPENS A3

TOPENS A3 operates gates up to a maximum of 12 feet and 300 pounds. An Electric DC motor can deliver 30W with DC 24V input.

TOPENS A3 is solar panel compatible which is great for installation away from electric grid sources. Not only that, solar panel, paired with batteries, saves electrical energy, giving you savings on monthly basis. The A3 automatic gate opener is a great choice for people that don’t want to spend a lot, and still want to have convenience for accessing their own property.

What about A3S, A5S, AD3, and AD5?

We are going to explain these designations. Find out what each designation means – A3S, A5S, AD3S, and AD5S.

For example, TOPENS AD 5 S stands for TOPENS Actuator models (Arm), designed for Double gate operator, model 5, with Solar panel included.


TOPENS A3S – TOPENS Actuator 3 Solar panel swing gate opener.


TOPENS A5S – TOPENS Actuator 5 Solar panel swing gate opener.


TOPENS AD3 – TOPENS Actuator Double swing gate opener, model 3.


TOPENS AD5 – TOPENS Actuator Double swing gate opener, model 5.


TOPENS AD3S – TOPENS Actuator Double swing gate opener, model 3 with Solar panel.


TOPENS AD5S – TOPENS Actuator Double swing gate opener, model 5 with Solar panel.


TOPENS manual and support: find what you’re looking for. TOPENS is offering great customer support for all of its products. Take a look at the manual for a specific product you’re looking for.

TOPENS is a company that specializes in producing high-quality automatic door openers. Their products are designed to provide convenience and safety for homeowners, businesses, and public buildings. TOPENS openers are made with the highest quality materials and are designed to last for many years. They are available in a range of styles and sizes to fit any door.

These openers can be programmed to open and close on demand or with a remote control. They can also be programmed to open and close automatically based on certain triggers, such as movement or the time of day. Additionally, TOPENS openers also feature multiple safety features such as an automatic shut off after a set period of time, and a reset button for emergencies.

Furthermore, TOPENS openers are easy to install and require minimal maintenance. They come with detailed instructions and can be installed by anyone with basic DIY skills. They are also compatible with most existing door frames and locks, so there is no need to replace the existing hardware.

TOPENS openers provide convenience and safety for homeowners, businesses, and public buildings. They are reliable, durable, and easy to install and maintain, making them an ideal choice for any door.