Coffee beans

When choosing coffee beans for your DeLonghi coffee machine, you should look for beans that are medium-dark in roast and have a high-quality, robust flavor. Arabica beans are generally recommended, as they have a smoother, less acidic taste than other types of beans. Depending on your taste preferences, some good varieties to try include Colombian Supremo, Nicaraguan, Costa Rican Tarrazu, and Sumatran Mandheling.

DeLonghi coffee machines

DeLonghi is an Italian-based company that manufactures a variety of coffee machines ranging from espresso machines to single-serve coffee makers. Their products feature advanced brewing technology, stylish designs and convenient features to make coffee brewing easy and enjoyable. Popular models include the DeLonghi Magnifica, the DeLonghi Dinamica, the DeLonghi PrimaDonna and the DeLonghi Nespresso.

Medium-dark in roast coffee beans

Medium-dark roast coffee beans are usually dark brown in color, with an oily surface and a strong, robust flavor. They are roasted for a longer period of time than lighter roasts and often have a slightly smoky or charred flavor. The caffeine content of medium-dark roast coffee is typically lower than that of lighter roasts, while the flavor is typically more intense.

More intense flavor coffee beans

For a more intense flavor in coffee beans, try selecting beans that are darker roasted. Darker roasted beans have a richer and fuller flavor, with a slightly smoky taste. Additionally, look for beans that are of higher quality and have a more complex flavor profile. Consider using specialty beans from micro-roasters and single-origin beans for a more unique flavor. Finally, consider using a French press or an espresso machine to brew the beans for a stronger, more robust cup of coffee.

Coffee aroma types

Dark Roast: Bold, smoky, and with a bittersweet finish.
Medium Roast: Balanced with cocoa and nutty notes.
Light Roast: Mellow, sweet, and with a hint of citrus.
Espresso Roast: Intense and smoky.
Decaf Roast: Earthy and subtly sweet.
Blonde Roast: Subtle with caramel and nutty notes.
French Roast: Robust, smoky, and toasty.
Sumatra Roast: Rich and complex with chocolate and spice notes.
Ethiopian Roast: Fruity and floral.
Columbian Roast: Mild and nutty with a sweet finish.