Window shades

Even if your log home is new, it’s likely that you will still need window shades to control the light as well as the energy bills. Here are a few of what I consider to be the best options of Amazon based on customer reviews.

Make sure that you check the size of each window shade to make sure it will fit before you buy. Also, the cordless option is great if you want your window shades to be automated.

Shades are soft coverings for windows that can be rolled up or down. They stack neatly at the top of your windows and fit snuggly into tight spots. Just like blinds, they also have cords to draw the shades up and down. Shades can roll up smoothly with its internal spring device. Because shades have no vanes or slats, they give your windows a smooth look. It is easy to choose shade colors that complement your walls, curtains and furniture. It’s also relatively straightforward to install shades and the hardest part is usually to fit your shades properly with the window.

If you have children or pets at home, shades are more preferable than blinds, because they don’t break as easily, especially if you choose shades made of thicker plastic sheets.

From baby accessories to high-end laptops, Amazon sells it all. The online retail giant also offers thousands of window shades from different brands, with varying designs, sizes, shapes, colors, and materials. As long as you get your shades from reputable sellers with plenty of positive reviews, you will get your products. It will be easier to dispute the transaction if there are issues with the shipment or product quality. If you have no issue with the potential risks of online shopping, Amazon is a convenient and relatively safe platform to get the right shades for your windows.

Types of Windows Shades

Do you have a baby in the house? Maybe you want to warm up your home with some privacy window shades. Maybe you want to block out the light from your windows so you can sleep better or read more comfortably in any season. Maybe a friend or family member is moving, and they need new curtains, shades or blinds, then this is the list for you.

Shades may change your room dramatically, by enhancing its comfort and convenience. Shopping for the right shades on Amazon can be challenging. First of all, you need to make sure to choose shades that match the shape and size of your windows.

Cordless shade

Because they don’t have dangling strings and cords, cordless shades offer a clean look for your home. These aren’t really cordless, instead, their cords are hidden inside the fabric and they operate more smoother. If you want to lower a cordless shade, all you need to do is to pull down on its bottom. Conversely, put your hand under the bottom edge of the shade and raise it up gently. When shopping in Amazon, look for a stylish cordless shade if you want to maintain the modern style of your interior. These shades are also ideal for a playroom or a child’s room, due to the absence of visible cords.

Roller shades

Roller shades are preferred by homeowners due to their premium style, versatility, and cleaner appearance. They look equally beautiful in both traditional and minimalist settings. They are sturdy and available in a variety of designs, fabrics, and colors. There’s a wooden batten at the top of the shade and another bar is sewn at the bottom. To prevent fraying, the side hems of the fabric are also sewn securely. You may choose roller shades made of translucent cloth or paper, for a simpler design. Alternatively, you may choose roller shades with a variety of imaginative landscapes, so they will appear as paintings.

Dual-layer shades

As their name suggests, dual-layer shades have a couple of translucent layers of fabric that block light better than typical single-layer ones. It is easier to adjust the amount of light that enters your interior because you can choose to pull down one or both layers. Despite being thicker, dual-layer shades are still lightweight and can be installed very easily. If some parts of your home receive ample sunlight in the afternoon, you may block it better with dual-layer shades. This will help to conserve energy if you turn on air conditioning to cool your bedrooms.

Roman shades

Roman shades are very popular on Amazon and they are soft fabrics that hang flat when pulled down against the windows. When raised, Roman shades fold up crisply and neatly into horizontal folds. It’s recommended to get motorized Roman shades for ease of operation. You may choose flat Roman shades for a structured and more rigid look. Looped Roman shades give you a rippling effect, which brings an informal aspect to your interior. Alternatively, choose modern Roman shades with bold colors to up-style your interior with something more vibrant.

Smart shades

Smart shades are motorized and have built-in wireless connectivity to integrate with your smart home network. You may use verbal commands to control them through smart speakers that use Alexa or Google Assistant. If some windows are hard to reach, it is more convenient to control them through your smartphone or smart speaker. Rough handlings are the primary cause of damage, so smart shades are generally long-lasting because you don’t need to touch them.

Window Shades to Pick

As you saw, there are many benefits to installing these types of window shades. They cost a reasonable amount, they can help reduce sunlight exposure and heat in your home, they allow you to have control over privacy, and they provide some very unique aesthetics that you can’t get anywhere else. These all make the decision to install window shades much easier. Just remember, depending on what type of window shade you select, you’ll want to ensure you’re purchasing the correct size for your windows.

One common mistake that many homeowners make is to choose one design of covering for all windows in their houses. It may be the simplest thing to do, but it will look boring very quickly. When adding shades to one part of your home, you need to take into account its function and character. Whether it is for working, sleeping, cooking, showering or relaxing, here are the best shade designs to pick:

Home office window shades

You need to maintain a sense of professionalism in your home office area, especially if clients occasionally come to discuss certain projects. White shades can keep your home office interior looking sophisticated and stylish. For a contemporary look, choose shades with concealed push rods and wider slats. For a traditional look, go for shades with a push rod and narrow slats. However, be sure that your window shades can blend nicely into the rest of your interior scheme.

Bedroom window shades

When choosing shades for your bedroom, you need to choose those with superior energy efficiency and good ability to block light completely. Your shades should contribute to preventing external heat from entering your home or preventing heat loss. Whether it’s summer or winter, shades with poor thermal conductivity can make your bedroom feel more comfortable. In terms of design, Roman shades give your bedroom a calming and luxurious feel with their clean appearance and lack of visible cords. Vignette shades are known for their better room-darkening opaqueness and a wide variety of colors.

Kitchen window shades on Amazon

You may choose cellular shades for your kitchen if energy efficiency is your primary concern. Its internal honeycomb structure helps to maintain maximum energy efficiency. If your kitchen has a stainless steel or an all-white look, modern Roman shades combine a crisp and soft appearance. In a kitchen dominated by modern fixtures and hard surfaces, sheer shadings can soften them all. For a more natural appearance, you may choose woven wood shades made of bamboo, which may balance your stainless-steel appliances.

Bathroom window shades

Shades for your bathrooms should be durable and offer good privacy. You may avoid shades made of organic materials, such as wood or cotton fabric, because they may slowly degrade in a warm, humid environment. Vinyl shades give your bathroom a clean and traditional look. Unlike wood, vinyl won’t crack or warp when exposed to so much humidity. Faux wood woven shades offer the traditional look of real wood while ensuring excellent durability. These faux wood elements will keep their crisp look longer. For a more regular design, you may choose Roman shades that show a beautiful statement, while keeping them practical and design.


Outdoor shades are useful for creating cool, shady areas in your backyard or porch. Try to position your shades strategically, so the area will remain cool throughout the day. You may choose a sail-shaped shade to transform your garden or backyard into a more interesting landscape. The awning shade screen is semi-transparent, which can block some of the sunlight and make your porch feels more comfortable. These outdoor shades will help to cool your home because they keep sunlight away from your walls and windows.


Shades will not only control the amount of light and heat that can enter your home, but they can also help you save money. They become an extra barrier between your windows and interior, which prevents heat from escaping. These shades may also add instant styles to your interior if you choose shades with the right color, fabric, size, and shape. As an example, Roman shades are a great combination of style, comfort, and functionality. Shades give you a sense of privacy, whether you live in a regular home or apartment. Honeycomb shades can give you complete privacy, while still letting some natural light in.

While blinds have adjustable slats, shades are made of fabrics that cover the whole window. When shades are completely pulled down, they work better in blocking light and keeping your rooms darker. However, the opaqueness of your shades depends on the material and thickness of the fabrics. Like blinds, shades are also available in different styles and designs, including cordless, roller, dual-layer, and Romans. On Amazon and other popular online retailers, you can also easily find smart shades that can operate automatically, depending on schedules or the amount of indoor brightness.

Installation time depends on the type of shades, but it shouldn’t be more than ten minutes per window. Cleaning shades are easier to do. You can do it with a vacuum or a slightly damp cloth. On the contrary, it takes a bit more time to clean up blinds. Shades are also quieter than blinds as they won’t rattle when blown by the wind. Many homeowners are concerned that shades are less durable and they can rip easily. If you have children or pets, choose thicker shades made of plastic or vinyl that resist wear and tear better. For your kitchen or bathroom, avoid installing blinds made of organic fabrics or wood, because they will absorb moisture, which may cause mold growth.