Smart Home Control

Smart homes are not only for rich people or technology enthusiasts, these systems are becoming more affordable and easier to set up. One obvious advantage of a smart home system is its higher efficiency, especially now in 2022.

With just a smartphone app, you will have complete control of all smart devices at home. You can set a schedule when your heater or air conditioner should be turned on or off. As an example, you can remotely turn on the thermostat about 15 minutes before you arrive home, so you can stay warm without wasting energy unnecessarily. Being able to use a device to control your smart home devices is very convenient because you can monitor or control them wherever you are. Moreover, you can use smart home control to monitor the garage and all the events in and near your garage. For that purpose, we recommend using a smart garage door opener.

You will have peace of mind because your home is fully monitored by the system. When security cameras detect movements within your property, you will be notified through your smartphone. You may decide to turn on all lights to scare away potential intruders or call the local police station if perpetrators remain on your property.

Smart home systems are modular, so you can easily replace outdated devices with newer models. A good system allows gradual expansion so that you can add new devices, depending on your personal requirements. These are great for home improvement.

Google Home

Google Home is a system developed by the search engine giant. It includes support with a voice-activated virtual assistant, the Google Assistant. When you say “Hey, Google” or “OK, Google”, you can use verbal commands to control smart devices or get the latest information.

Other than Google Home, there’s also the more compact and more affordable Google Nest Mini. The more expensive Google Home Max offers premium audio quality, which is a more ideal solution for playing music. Google Home speakers have very few physical controls, such as muting the microphone or changing the volume. You can adjust them easily through verbal commands, so you don’t really need to use physical buttons. Google Home is currently with thousands of smart device models and it’s common for device manufacturers to include support for Google Home.

It’s easy to get started with your Google Home and you can use your current Google account. This makes pairing with your Android smartphone easy to do. Simply use the Google Home app to start the setup process and it’s also the primary app to control your smart devices. In this app, your gadgets are categorized by room, so they are easier to manage. So, if you want to turn on the air conditioner only in a room, it’s a straightforward thing to do.

Smart Locks and Outlets

Among many compatible devices, smart locks are a great addition to improve the security and convenience of your home. You can lock or unlock them easily with verbal commands. Smart locks with Bluetooth connectivity will be automatically unlocked when your smartphone is within range. If your smartphone moves outside Bluetooth range, these smart locks will be locked automatically. If you are in a hurry, you don’t need to worry that you accidentally leave the front door unlocked.

Smart lock for smart home in 2022
Smart Lock

Many smart locks look like regular locks, so they match any home design. As an example, Kwikset Kevo looks like a regular deadbolt, but you can unlock it with just a tap on your smartphone display. Choosing smart locks that include regular keys is recommended, so you can still lock/unlock them manually during blackouts or when the Wi-Fi network is inactive.

Smart plugs are a special kind of device that allows you to control regular, non-smart appliances. They are plugs with Wi-Fi connectivity that can be remotely controlled through your smartphone or set on schedule. When you are away from home, you can turn on or off any device, as long as it’s connected to a smart plug. Unlike regular plugs, smart plugs consume about one or two watts of electrical power, but they can potentially save a lot more. You can secure your garage with one of these.

Smart Devices for Smart Home in 2022

Before building your smart home network, among things to consider are what smart devices to choose. Keep in mind, that it’s better to start simple and grow your smart home slowly. Make a list of essential devices that you need to have first. These may include devices that secure your home or improve energy efficiency. Here are smart devices that you need to buy and install first:

Smart doorbell

Smart doorbell includes video and audio functionality. It could be your first foray into a smart home network. Be sure to choose a smart doorbell with Full HD video resolution and night mode, so you will know who is at the front door. When you are at work, it is easy to talk with anyone at the front door. Some smart doorbells include a display, so you may have video calls with guests.

Security camera

There are many smart security camera models that can help to monitor your home. For outdoor smart cameras, consider getting those with a waterproofed design, 4k video capture, 8x optical zoom or higher, night vision enhancement, and integrated spotlight. Indoor security cameras can help you monitor family members and detect any break-ins. A mandatory feature of smart indoor cameras is motion detection. You may enable this feature when there’s no one at home and you will receive notifications through your smartphone when movements are detected in your home.

Smart thermostat

Heaters and air conditioners consume plenty of energy during winter or summer. If you adjust the thermostat manually, you may make your home too warm during winter or too cold during summer. You may also accidentally leave the thermostat turned on when you leave home in a hurry, which can be very expensive during long trips. A smart thermostat includes a temperature sensor to keep your home comfortable while ensuring good energy efficiency. Through your smartphone, you may monitor the temperature at home and control the thermostat remotely.

Smart home hub

These devices are the control center of your smart home network. It helps you to control and monitor all smart devices at home. Depending on the platform you use, you may choose Google Nest Hub or Amazon Echo. It’s preferable to choose a model with a larger display, such as Google Nest Hub Max with a 10-inch display or Amazon Echo Show 15 with a 15.5-inch display.

Smart speaker

Smart speakers are not only useful for playing your favorite music. They have a built-in microphone to allow you to control any smart device at home with voice commands. Through Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, it’s convenient to do many things without touching anything.

Conclusion on Smart Home 2022

Whether you choose Google Nest, Amazon Alexa, or Apple HomeKit as your smart home ecosystem, choosing devices that match your personal requirements and preferences is necessary. If your current devices are Macs, iPhones, and Apple Watch, it is better to choose Apple HomeKit, although it’s the most restrictive of the three. For Android and Google services users, Google Nest is a preferred platform. Amazon Alexa is known for its ease of use and excellent compatibility with various products. The longer you use a smart home system, the more convenient it will be because it will be fully personalized and customized.