Dual-Screen setup

Since many people work remotely, having the most excellent available setup is critical for performance and wellbeing, and it all begins with the items you gaze at the most: your displays. A dual laptop monitor comes as a must-have if using a home office.

If indeed the Pandemic taught us anything, it’s that perhaps we should be prepared to operate from wherever we want, whenever we want. What appeared to be a brief protective measure for some has evolved into a years-long, life-altering transformation for others. Others have already accepted their new work-from-home status as a permanent aspect of their jobs. Coworkers operating from a beach in Miami or a cafe in Paris, or virtually anywhere with decent internet, has been incredible. When you’re overworked, though, you want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to keep your job and keep those micro-managing employers pleased. Understand that being punctual with your colleagues is one of the most important things to do while overworked.

It’s more vital than ever that we feel at ease and productive in the home offices for many of us who spend 8 hours or more each day, and one of the most crucial parts of ensuring that comfort is a properly configured and customized monitor setup. On a single tiny screen, some of us may be able to complete all of our tasks. Others, on the other hand, require significantly more display space.

Working remotely

While working remotely, it is assumed you have a desk with an adjustable keyboard and mouse, as well as a monitor. You may easily plug your work laptop to expand your screen or replicate it with just one job. Operating when Overemployed from a dedicated workstation setup is far more productive than working from two laptops, particularly if you’re an engineer or designer who needs to utilize multiple software packages simultaneously.

When you receive a Discord message or an emergency meeting request (or the hated clashing conference), you’ll have to swiftly transfer laptops while keeping the same mouse, keyboard, and webcam. The scenario becomes complicated, as you must un-dock the Task 1 (T1) computer to connect to the Task 2 (T2) laptop while keeping a close eye on what’s going on with T1. To put it plainly, such setup adjustments waste time and make it difficult to concentrate.

Recommendations for switching across laptops

This article will assist you in determining which monitor configuration is ideal for you; We’ll help you choose the optimum solution for your workflow and space limitations.

Dual Laptop monitor we find interesting:

For WFH (working from home) employee that wants to enlarge the accessible display space, this is the most uncomplicated and typically inexpensive alternative. Many of us may even have old monitors lying about that we may use as a supplementary display for an existing setup. A similar arrangement can be created by simply utilizing your laptop as a secondary display while switching your primary display to a larger monitor or by purchasing a cheap portable monitor.

Mobile Pixels Trio Max Portable Monitor

Should you need to bring your work home from the office or on the route while traveling, you understand how inconvenient it is to operate on a laptop with only one monitor. With the Mobile Pixels Portable 14 Inch Monitor Extension, you can put your frustrations behind you.

Mobile Pixels Trio Max Portable Monitor
Mobile Pixels Trio Max Portable Monitor

Mobile Pixels Trio Max Portable Monitor, 14” Full HD IPS Dual Triple Monitor for laptops, USB C/USB A Portable Screen, Windows/Mac/OS/Android/Switch Compatible (1x Monitor Only).

While functioning on one laptop screen, switching between windows might sap your productivity. According to studies, adding one or two portable screens can boost your productivity by 50%.


  • It does not necessitate any further desk assistance than a laptop. This is a fantastic option if you wish to use a thin standing desk, particularly a movable portable laptop desk
  • Since it fits the angle of your laptop, it may rest on semi-flat surfaces such as couches and mattresses
  • If you have a USB-C charging connector, you can get two screens and pass-through charging
  • It doesn’t make PCs run slower, heat up excessively, or consume battery power
  • Good screen quality
  • The monitors’ casings help to keep the computer stable. Even a laptop with a loose hinge should not topple over backward if perfectly placed


  • Although the HD resolutions are the same, the screen quality isn’t nearly up to par with the built-in panels. If you want super graphics, the screen is decent but not great
  • If your laptop screen has zero hinge strength (it can bend backward) and you want to tilt it back far, you may need to use support on the back to keep it stable
  • The navigation and bright controls on the screen’s side are tough to notice, and since they are contact sensors, they don’t stick out. Utilize your cellphone light or feel your way around till you find them
  • The front of the screen is covered by a case, while the back is not. If you’re carrying these about, be careful because I doubt they’ll withstand a fall or hit

Portable Monitor InnoView 15.8-Inch

InnoView 15.8" monitor
InnoView 15.8-inch dual monitor setup

Portable Monitor, InnoView 15.8 Inch FHD 1080P USB C HDMI Second External Monitor for Laptop, Desktop, MacBook, Phones, Tablet, PS5/4, Xbox, Switch, Built-in Speaker with Protective Case.

InnoView portable displays have two dedicated USB Type-C ports that help to connect the monitor to your device through a USB-C connection (supports all functionalities), providing you more choices for screen sharing and streaming video, as well as watching movies and games. conserving your time and increasing the efficiency of your work. You may also connect it to your device with the provided HDMI cable and the power cord.

This monitor, made of a high-quality aluminum plate equipped with built stereo speakers, provides complete safety for the Foliobox while weighing only 1.5 pounds. It comes with a support pouch that offers full protection and a comfortable grip angle, ideal for work travels, gaming, and outdoor sharing.

OFIYAA P2 12″ Triple Portable Monitor

OFIYAA P2 12 inch dual laptop monitor review
OFIYAA P2 12″ Triple Portable Monitor

OFIYAA P2 12-inch Triple Portable Monitor Laptop Monitor Extender Dual Screen FHD IPS Type-C/HDMI/USB-A 4 Speakers Display Extender for PS5 Compatible with 13”-16” Mac PC/Notebook (12 Inch).

It is a multi-functional external, compact foldable, dual laptop screen display that allows you to create your mobile studio easily. Offer notebook users a fantastic option for multi-screen simultaneous and differential displays, which can increase work performance by up to 200 percent and enable effective multi-task processing. It can allow a mobile telephone system’s computer mode as well as sound-visual transmission.

Simple, dependable, and extensive experience designs characterize the items. With a simple click of the top lock switch, gently pop out the stand, attach it to the top of the pc screen, set it to the proper size, and hang it. It doesn’t slide off and works with laptop shells ranging from 13.3 to 16.5 inches, giving consumers an easy and enjoyable experience.

It completely solves the problem of the Mac M1 chip’s inability to extend two screens. To enlarge two screens, only one cable connection is required. It also has PD charging capabilities and can charge the laptop via portable displays.

In conclusion

Working from home, or at the absolute least, remotely, is a trend that isn’t going away any time soon. It’s time to assist those friends, family members, or coworkers who have been putting off renovating their home office. A dual laptop monitor comes as a logical choice for that manner. Keep your business going forward.

Check for a large 49″ desktop monitor also. Previously we’ve been writing about desktop dual-monitor setup stands, and home office desks for better productivity.