DURACELL CR2 Lithium Battery

A bit smaller than AA batteries, the CR2 battery also has a cylindrical shape and these are mostly rechargeable made. If we think again, it is a smaller version of the D cell battery type. In this post, we’re going to explain all the details about the CR2 rechargeable cell battery.

If talking about chemistry, CR2 is a lithium-made battery – Lithium Manganese Dioxide (Li/MnO2) to be completely precise.

These batteries have a wide variety of applications. They are produced by a variety of large and small brands such as Panasonic, Duracell, and Energizer.

The best rechargeable CR2 batteries are the Panasonic BCR2PA/1B, Energizer Recharge Universal CR2, Soshine 8 Pack CR2 Rechargeable Batteries, and Vinnic LIR2450 Rechargeable Battery.

CR2 3V Rechargeable Battery

The CR2 rechargeable battery is a type of lithium-ion battery with a high energy density. It is commonly used in digital cameras and other small electronics, such as remote controls and toys. The CR2 battery is a 3V battery that is slightly larger than the AA battery and is one of the longest lasting batteries available.

The CR2 rechargeable battery has a wide range of applications. It is typically used in digital cameras to power the shutter and flash, and in remote controls for toys and other devices. The battery can also be used in other small electronics such as watches, calculators, and medical devices.

The CR2 rechargeable battery has many advantages over non-rechargeable batteries. It has a higher energy density than alkaline, which allows it to store more energy in a smaller package. This makes it ideal for use in small electronics like digital cameras and remote controls. The battery also has a longer lifespan than alkaline batteries, making it more cost-effective over time.

The CR2 rechargeable battery is a great choice for powering small electronics due to its high energy density and long lifespan. It is also relatively easy to find and relatively affordable compared to other types of batteries. If you are looking for a reliable, long-lasting battery for your small electronics, the CR2 rechargeable battery is definitely worth considering.

Before going any further, take a look at the CR2 specifications:

CR2 BatteryValue
Nominal Voltage3 Volts
Capacity (Lithium)800 mAh
Operating Temperature-40°C up to 60°C (104F up to 140F)
Dimensions H x W27.0 x 15.60 mm (~1.063 inches x ~0.59 inches)
CR2 ChemistryLithium Manganese Dioxide (Li/MnO2 )
CR2 3V battery specifications

CR2 battery – Rechargeable or not?

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Make sure that the CR2 battery is labeled “Rechargeable”.

Not all CR2 batteries are rechargeable. In a matter of fact, they’re usually disposable (single-use). However, some manufacturers are making CR2 rechargeable. Rechargeable batteries are known as “Secondary batteries”, meaning they can be recharged. Before trying to recharge any battery, make sure that there is a label indicator telling it is a rechargeable battery.

Rechargeable CR2 battery label
CR2 rechargeable battery

If you’re looking for a rechargeable CR2 battery, make sure that there is a battery labeled for recharging.

NOTE: Attempting to recharge a non-rechargeable battery (especially a lithium battery) can be hazardous. Recharging a non-rechargeable battery can cause a fire, explosion, or destruction of your charger/device.

CR2 rechargeable label should be clear and easy to see. Also, keep in mind to find an appropriate charger for this battery model.

CR2 battery delivers 3V output, and therefore it shouldn’t be misplaced with other battery models with similar physical dimensions. This battery looks similar to CR123A, and CRV3, but these are completely different batteries.

CR2 Battery Charger

There are many CR2 chargers available, and it is up to you on choosing the best one. In most cases, a charger is able to recharge 3V CR123A or CR2 rechargeable lithium batteries. These are not interchangeable batteries, but they do have similar specifications and therefore they can be recharged with the same battery charger. Charging time depends on battery condition and its’ nominal capacity. We can assume that the charging time is between 2-3 hr for 1-2 CR123A batteries or between 1-2 hr for 1-2 CR2 batteries.

NOTE: Never try to recharge non-rechargeable batteries.

Questions and Answers

Are CR2 Batteries Rechargeable?

Usually, the label of a CR2 battery indicates if that specific battery is rechargeable or not. Rechargeable batteries are labeled “Rechargeable” and these are known as “secondary batteries”. Non-rechargeable, or single-use CR2 batteries, don’t have the label “Rechargeable” and these batteries are known as “primary batteries”.

How Long Do CR2 Batteries Last?

It depends greatly on the manufacturing quality and the application of the battery. Furthermore, the production date has a big impact on the battery life. When buying, make sure that the battery wasn’t on a store shelf for years before.

Where The CR2 Battery Is Used?

The CR2 battery application varies from the military, industrial, medical, and consumer applications. CR2 battery is used in weapons lights, optics, laser rangefinders, laser designators, and all kinds of communications devices. They’re also used in medical devices such as alarm batteries and power for various instruments. Industrial and consumer uses can include lights, alarms, cameras, and memory backup applications.

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