Chamberlain RJO20 vs LiftMaster 8500

There are not so many models sharing design and features like RJO20 and 8500 do. This post is all bout similarities and differences between Chamberlain RJO20 and LiftMaster 8500. Before going any further, keep in mind that Chamberlain owns the LiftMaster brand, and that could be the reason for the similarities of some garage door openers. Take a look at RJO70 vs 8500W for example.

Chamberlain RJO20 vs LiftMaster 8500
RJO20 vs 8500

Let’s get back on track. Keep reading about RJO20 vs 8500. What to expect from buying either Chamberlain or LiftMaster.

First of all, both models are wall-mount, meaning they won’t take up any extra space on your ceiling. Moreover, with their design, you’ll get a sturdy and extra strong garage door opener. Although both models are a bit older, people still love them. These two are most wanted actually.

RJO20 vs 8500

Comparing Chamberlain RJO20 vs LiftMaster 8500 is a bit hard because these are so close in design and features as well.

Chamberlain RJO20 garage door opener
Chamberlain RJO20

Chamberlain RJO20

This garage door opener runs on DC and has Motion-detection for light activation. Furthermore, RJO20 has enabled Smartphone control features and a Timer to close the door.

Chamberlain RJO20 is a Direct drive opener, with a Security lock, and Soft Start/Stop features.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a Battery backup system by default, but you can purchase a Battery separately and make it work.

LiftMaster garage door opener 8500
LiftMaster 8500

LiftMaster 8500

LiftMaster 8500 is a Direct drive opener just like RJO20. They share a lot, and the only significant difference between RJO20 and 8500 is that LiftMaster 8500 doesn’t have Smartphone control.

As we said, LiftMaster 8500 comes with many features that RJO20 has. It has Soft Start/Stop, Motion detection for light activation, and Timer to close the garage door.

LiftMaster 8500 doesn’t have Battery backup by default, but it is prepared for battery and you can buy one separately.

Chamberlain RJO20 vs LiftMaster 8500 installation

Installing it by yourself, or hiring a technician, installing these two isn’t something to worry about. These are practically the same, and easy to install. However, you need DIY skills to make it right. Keep in mind they share design and features as well. Therefore, if you know how to install Chamberlain RJO20, you should install LiftMaster 8500 without any problems.

Both openers are well-documented, and you shouldn’t have any trouble while installing them.

A quick review of both

Read a bit more detailed review of both opener models. Here comes a short Chamberlain RJO20 review, and then LiftMaster 8500 review also.

Chamberlain RJO20 review

Chamberlain RJO20 Review

  • Frees up ceiling space for extra storage, light fixtures, ceiling fans, and more!
  • Includes Internet Gateway for smartphone control with myQ.
  • Automatic Garage Door Lock deadbolts your garage door every time it closes.
  • Wall mount virtually eliminates noise and vibrations.
  • Works with Amazon Key: Enables convenient and secure In-Garage Delivery.
  • BILT® intelligent instructions: 3D instructions for a quick, easy installation.

By using a wall-mount garage door opener you’ll save all the ceiling space. Overhead mounts discretely on the wall, no longer requiring space for a large trolley. Chamberlain RJO20 has a slim design that makes it easy to install on either side of the garage door. This model gives you ceiling space for extra storage, light fixtures, ceiling fans, and more.

LiftMaster 8500 review

LiftMaster 8500 Review

  • 888LM Product Warranty Alert, click here.
  • Wall mount design frees up ceiling space in your garage, and reduces noise and vibration.
  • Add myQ® smartphone control with the purchase of 828LM Internet Gateway.
  • Features a DC motor for ultra-quiet operation.
  • Automatic Garage Door Lock deadbolts your door after closing.

Ceiling space is something most homeowners want to have. With LiftMaster 8500 garage door opener reclaim the space overhead and open up the possibilities with the wall-mount design. This model gives you powerful operation, without making noise. It is ideal for keeping living spaces silent with the extra-strong direct drive system. LiftMaster 8500 comes with safety sensors to protect people and vehicles by stopping door operation on obstructions.


Bot openers are great. There isn’t a big difference, and choosing one is hard. LiftMaster 8500 vs Chamberlain RJO20 comparison can’t give a real winner.

What we find important is the fact that both models are wall-mount. This means they won’t take up any extra space on your ceiling. Furthermore, with a wall-mount design, you’ll get a sturdy and extra-strong garage door opener. As said before, both models are a bit older, but people still love them.