LiftMaster vs Genie – Which one is better

First of all, these both are great brands, and the best garage door opener for you is the one you choose based on your needs. Actually, choosing a garage door opener should be based on the specific needs of any individual homeowner. However, comparing LiftMaster vs Genie, we can make some analysis and choose a preferable brand. Keep reading and find out more on this topic. The question: “is LiftMaster better than Genie?” can’t be answered just like that. Some units are better and some aren’t – in both ways.

LiftMaster vs Genie garage door opener
LiftMaster vs Genie

Liftmaster and Genie, are two popular residential garage door brands that each have their own specifications and differences. We’ll show the highlights of these brands, their advantages, and their disadvantages. Why this is so important? First of all, these are the most popular garage door openers with security features, smartphone capabilities, drive options, and warranties. Many homeowners in the U.S.A. and Canada looking particularly for these openers.

Connectivity and installation

Smartphone connectivity gives convenient features we all need these days. For one reason or another, smartphone capabilities become increasingly popular for garage door opener buyers. Although both brands give this option, LiftMaster has become the leader in this category no matter if it uses Aladdin connect or myQ. The short story tells, LiftMaster vs Genie connectivity – LiftMaster is the winner.

Among these two brands, the LiftMaster comes equipped with built-in Wi-Fi capabilities as well as Bluetooth. Genie has units with this equipment also, but it is reserved for high-grade models only. LiftMaster allows remote control for its’ units, making it possible for users to easily open and close their garage doors from any place, as long as they have a Wi-Fi connection. Genie on the other hand doesn’t have these options for all models on the market.

If you’re looking for the features described above, we recommend LiftMaster.

Garage door openers provide an extra level of security to your household. When it comes to the best options for securing your garage door, only a few brands can match the features LiftMaster has.

Best value for money – Genie vs LiftMaster

What is the best value for money? In this context, for the price you’ll pay – Genie gives the most. Best value for money is defined by a few top-notch Genie models currently available. These units shall give you the most advantageous combination of cost, quality, and sustainability to meet all your requirements.

For all of you out there, looking for better lifting power, we recommend Genie jackshaft openers. Jackshaft drive openers are most common for wall mount operators. These types of openers are installed on the wall for extra convenience and directly attached to the garage door shaft bearing. The Genie 6072 and 6172 both utilize a jackshaft drive. Both these units provide strong lifting power.

Who Wins – LiftMaster vs. Genie?

In this post, we have taken out some crucial factors to consider. However, as a homeowner, there are factors to consider by yourself. When selecting a garage door opener, look for a unit that gives all the features and specifications for your own needs. We think that you need to find and select the garage door opener that will be the best fit for you and your preferences. No matter what the preferences are, whether it is convenience, the best warranty options, stronger durability, or increased safety, think and choose well. Whether you choose LiftMaster or Genie, both brands have unique pros and cons that make their products worth buying.

In case you’re hesitant, and having trouble deciding which garage door opener brand will best suit the needs of your home, we find it smart to contact your local garage door opener dealer and their service for support.